Settling in

I haven’t posted in awhile as I moved. Ever since I was a child, I dreamt of having my own piece of forest and now I do!  I moved to the country and reside on 1.6 acres, .6 being forest. I back onto 95 acres of forest which surrounds me in a big hug.  Finally, this is my true home.  It brings me peace, comfort and sanctuary from the busy world out there.  Here are some pictures!

I plan to plant a lot more as Mother Nature needs all the help she can get.  I’d like to plant for the bees, butterflies, birds and mammals.  I feel so much love for the earth and am excited to give back what I can. Enjoy your day, wherever you are, and remember to pause for a moment when you see any form of nature. For me,that moment of presence connects me back to myself.

p.s. My daughter created the fairy garden under a stray sumac.😊🍄🧚‍♀️


Something New

I’m starting to understand

at a deeper level

that this is not

just about me

This crazy thing

called life

we are in it


a symphony


with our own unique notes

to play

soft and subtle

loud and resolute

we blend harmoniously

with others

in and out


there is no beginning

no end

all notes


for the betterment

of all

like a flock

of starlings

we move



the air

our energies









     I have been noticing a theme coming up for me over the past few days around my idea of accomplishment, success and money.  I’m not surprised as I’m finding with all the new energies coming in since the august eclipse and onward, that thoughts that were once pushed downward are now slowly unearthing, like the sediment at the bottom of a fish tank.  I knew they were there, but forgot about them until there was some new movement.  Then one day a mini tsunami hits and everything comes floating to the surface, ready to be looked at.  Now, if you have ever owned fish, you’ll know that once the sediment rises to the surface, there is no way to push it back down so you may as well deal with it.  So here I am, with my fish net, scooping it out and taking a look.

     There’s something at the back of my mind that says I’m unsuccessful because I haven’t made a lot of money or changed the world in some monumental way.  I’ve been sitting with that thought for awhile and I have decided to challenge it!

Aren’t we all changing the world in our own way simply by embodying who we are?  Is the quest not “to know thyself”?  If we are looking within, unearthing the sediment, questioning what it is, healing it, loving it and ourselves, then isn’t that enough to say our life has not been a waste?  Evolvement of the soul is, I think, the whole point of being here. Our unique journeys help us with that evolvement.  Whether it’s teaching a child to ride a bike or hugging an animal that has been hurt, these are all steps on the path to knowing ourselves, expanding our hearts, our minds and our souls.

Society has set things up so that success is mostly recognized by the size of a person’s salary, by how many people they have impacted or by the title they hold.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with this except that it’s a bit narrow.  There are a lot of successes where money and fame are not involved.  They are under the radar but not less important.

To me, a simple act of kindness, such as holding the door open for someone, is just as important as someone reaching millions.  We are all interconnected vibrations.  What comes to mind is the intricacy of a spider’s web and how all of the water droplets on it shine after a summer’s rain.  It matters not if we are at the center of the web or along the edges.  We all feel the light, the vibration, the movement.  It is passed from one to the next.

So I shall redefine success.  It’s about our hearts opening.  It’s knowing, in our own unique ways, that we are adding kindness and compassion to the world.  We are making it a better place through our own conscious actions.  But most of all, we are loving and accepting ourselves for who we are…brave beings who came to earth to have this experience.  If we all did this, the world could change very quickly, don’t you think?

Jade Plant

May I speak with you?


What do you need from us?


recognizing that we


as part of this earth’s

life force

we are more

than the physical beauty you see

although that is a big part of it

we are beings

as are you

we inhabit this planet

and many others

we are linked

our knowledge comes from beyond

the here and now

we are delicate

like a baby’s touch

we are intricate



we grow

through this beautiful earth

we want you

to see us

for who we truly


treat us kindly

with respect

and we will give back

in many ways

through joy



a love for all things

an understanding

that all is truly


and that we are on this journey


as equals

many parts

of the whole

rejoice in this

in us

and through loving us

you will love yourselves.

Thank you.







A Window and a Chair

It’s about now

how do I feel

in this moment?

My legs

sink into the chair

the sun warms

my right shoulder

my heart beats

a little too quickly

can I slow it down?

I breathe

the beating calms…

the warmth of the sun

climbs up

the side of my face

comfort embraces me

I am protected


there is nothing

other than this moment

beauty resides here

not to capture

to be

the warmth slides

along my chest

like a soothing breath

from the earth itself

all it takes

is a window

and a chair.


Fifth Dimensional Fumbling

I decided to start this blog as I am going through so many changes in terms of how I see the world and how I feel within it.  The earth as we know it, is shifting and transforming into something new and beautiful.  I know it may not seem that way, at times, but before every transformation, I believe there is turmoil.  If I think back over my life, all of the difficult times allowed me to shift in ways that I just couldn’t see at the time.  Would I change that hardship, knowing what I know now?  No way!  I am starting to see the rhythm in all things.

This blog will be mostly about reflections, poetry and a lot of fumbling because there is no road map for this new adventure that we are all on!  Hold on folks and lets take this ride together!